SGS Launches new service for the Cannabis Authenticity & Purity Standard (CAPS) in Canada and the EU

SGS has entered into an audit and certification service relationship with Purity-IQ for the Cannabis Authenticity & Purity Standard (CAPS) – a new voluntary scheme for Canada and the EU providing brands and specifiers with much needed safety, quality and consistency assurances

Although increasingly consumed for their perceived health benefits to address common ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety and infections, in many jurisdictions where cannabis and hemp are legally available, government regulations tend to stipulate only the basic safety requirements.

Industry stakeholders from across Canada and the EU have increasingly raised the need for more rigorous safety and quality brand protection measures with standardized safety and quality measures throughout the medicinal, edible, beverage, topical and recreational cannabis product supply chain.

In response, CAPS will combine the recognized equivalent Good Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP) compliance requirements for third-party certification with an Authenticity Identity Management System (AIMS).

An AIMS has the capability to track and trace cannabis and hemp products within the supply chain by requiring all products to register on the Purity-IQ Global Cannabis Registry, a secure database library of products derived from cannabis, which have been scientifically identified based upon their genomic/DNA and metabolomic makeup.

Paul Valder, Co-Founder & CTO of Purity-IQ, said: “Today we have the capability to process and register cultivars from legal producers and sellers to create a unique ‘Fingerprint’ designed to populate the Global Cannabis Registry for easy batch-to-batch reference purposes. Within weeks, Purity-IQ will also finalize and provide Standard Operating Procedures for product stability testing at Purity-IQ recognized commercial laboratories.”

From the first quarter of 2021, SGS will begin undertaking annual audits of grower, extraction or processing facilities, awarding certification to premises that successfully meet the regulation standards. In addition, facilities which also meet the CAPS requirements for product certification will receive product Certificates of Analysis. This enables brands to display the CAPS Certification trademark/seal on a product’s packaging and wider communications (subject to regulatory labeling requirements).


SGS’s world-leading certification services enable organizations to demonstrate that their products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards. As the leader in testing, certification and inspection, SGS can adapt quickly and efficiently to minimize service disruption for clients. Our technology and experience allow us to continue our operations, while also providing remote auditing options when necessary.

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Purity-IQ is a Canadian biotechnology company based in Mississauga, Ontario. The business provides the supply chain with validated scientific innovation in research and development, with a focus on ingredient and product identity, authenticity, consistency and purity claims. Purity-IQ focuses on commodities and inputs for the food, drug, beverage, natural health products and cannabis industries. Purity-IQ and its commercialized services offer practical and affordable quality assurance tools and standards, to business interested in increased brand protection and customer loyalty. Learn more about Purity-IQ at:


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