Differentiate your brand with science-based site and product certifications

Purity-IQ’s Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS) provides voluntary certifications designed specifically for the cannabis and hemp industry. CAPS certification improves site processes and quantifies product quality through patented Purity-IQ authenticity and purity testing technology.

CAPS BASIC site certification helps organizations to drive continuous process improvements that protect brands, reduce costs, manage risk, and improve financial performance.

CAPS ADVANCED product certification uniquely identifies products and provides brand owners with a proprietary Purity-IQ “Fingerprint” trust-mark. CAPS Advanced leads to consistent product quality throughout the value chain. Efficacy without consistency means nothing. 

Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS)

Purchase your copy of the Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standards from the Purity-IQ online Store. The CAPS is available in two different formats: Printed or Digital PDF.

CAPS Certification delivers key benefits:

  • Enhances your brand through the CAPS Certified trust-mark
  • Meets or surpasses regulatory safety requirements
  • Satisfies requirements for GMP/GAP and quality performance
  • Verifies the authenticity, purity and consistency in quality of final products
  • Opens access to new markets and customers
  • Contributes to a consistent brand experience, building consumer loyalty

Roadmap to CAPS Certification

The Business Value

Forbes Magazine points out that there is no McDonald’sTM of cannabis, meaning little consistency across the market, even when the product comes from the same source advertised as the same strain and name. The risk to consumers is that they don’t know how a product will affect them, and brands risk their reputations.

Cannabis and hemp production systems are challenged to assure product consistency, quality, authenticity, traceability and safety. When adverse events at any stage in product life occur, businesses can face catastrophic brand damage.

The cannabis and hemp industry benefits when adopting proven good manufacturing practices, quality assurance and risk management systems verified by credible third-party entities. These measures help businesses to maintain financial health, deliver consistent products to consumers, and keep a good reputation.

Cannabis Education and Training

Purity-IQ offers training and education to help you meet your Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard certification requirements.

CAPS - Orientation Training


CAPS-Auditor Training

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