The Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS) is owned and operated by Purity-IQ, headquartered in Research Park, Guelph, Canada.

Founded on cutting edge genetic and metabolomic biotechnologies, the company is committed to innovative scientific research leading to commercially practical quality assurance tools, to support organizations, who are seeking to streamline safety and quality processes while also bringing authenticated products to their customers.

Brought Together by a Shared Vision

Purity-IQ is powered by Co-Founders with a strong professional network, deep rooted experience, and a shared vision for real world impact. The business designs standards and certification programs, underpinned by scientific method, to protect the food and beverage, pharma, cannabis, natural health product, pet food and cosmetics sectors.

The team has forged a mutual respect and clear vision for a changed world where authentic brands are easily recognized and rewarded with brand trust.

Our mission is to protect brands through science-based solutions and certifications, and our vision is that one day consumers will have full transparency, trust and confidence in all products they use.

Our values guide us to:

  • Drive trust and respect throughout all of our business engagements
  • Ensure that everything we do is underpinned by scientific method
  • Educate and serve all of our clients, employees and partners

The Executive Team


Deleo de Leonardis

Deleo is a retail executive with over 30 years of experience in a variety of senior management positions such as procurement, merchandising, category management and private label.


Paul Valder

Paul has 30 years experience involving creating and implementing voluntary accredited and third party compliance standards.


Terry Dennis

Terry has 30 years experience as a Consumer Packaged Goods executive and provides innovative thinking on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.


John Snow

John has 28 years of global Consumer Packaged Goods experience and specializes in scaling new technology into existing and new markets.


Atif Ansari

Atif brings a wealth of experience with twenty-five years of finance and strategy experience in innovative, entrepreneurial, and high-growth companies.

Chief science officer

Dr. Henry J. Stronks, FCIC

Henry has more than 35 years experience in the field of scientific analytical instrumentation, specializing in nuclear magnetic resonance providing proven solutions in the industrial, pharmaceutical, clinical, food and beverage market segments.  

Meet Our People

NMR Spectroscopist and phyto chemist

Dr. Thiru Arunachalam

Thiru received a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Biophysics to research DNA structural polymorphism and corresponding theoretical implications and predications for life.


Matthew Barth

Matthew is a marketing graduate who specializes in video editing and content creation that is used for both educational and marketing purposes.


Christine Berry

A Business Development leader with proven experience in Pharmaceutical, Natural Health and Cannabis sectors.


Dr. Arun Krishnamurthy

Arun has several years of experience in structural characterization of organic and inorganic systems using NMR spectroscopy and works on developing new extraction methods and analytical protocols for the metabolomics program.

compliance & knowledge systems SPECIALIST

Amanda Lara

Amanda has over 28 years' working as an educator, developer of training systems and solutions, auditor and food safety quality compliance specialist.


Amber Thelen

Amber provides the business with over 18 years of practical and applied laboratory and food manufacturing experience.


Deborah Valder

Deborah joins Purity-IQ with over 10-years of professional business experience within the standards, compliance and food supply chain industry.

Business Disclaimer

Purity-IQ Inc. is a for-profit biotechnology company engaged in the research, development, training, consultation and commercialization of non-regulated validated scientific analytical testing and tools. Purity-IQ is also engaged in establishing standardized quality assurance applications, which may or may not be voluntarily implemented by those businesses throughout global supply chains, who also may seek third-party verifications and certifications. As a standards development and service provider organization, Purity-IQ does not in any way, shape or form engage, perform, trade, or act in the growing, extraction, regulated analytical testing, production or sale, of any cannabis, hashish or hemp related products or paraphernalia.

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