Roadmap to CAPS Certification

Learn about the steps to certification by clicking on the steps below.

Step 1: Learn about the CAPS

Download the Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS) to learn about the requirements for certification. You can also complete the FREE CAPS Interactive Orientation.

Click here to access the Standard

Click here to access the CAPS Interactive Orientation

Step 2: Register for certification

Apply for certification with the Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS). Receive the CAPS associated documents and coaching throughout the process.

Click here to register

Step 3: Complete CAPS Training

Enhance your understanding of the CAPS by completing the CAPS-Basic training or CAPS-Advanced training.

To get started with CAPS-Basic training click here.

Step 4: Perform a GAP Assessment

Complete a self-assessment (third party or internal audit) to CAPS, to identify nonconformities and establish implementation requirements. If you need help please contact a CAPS Certified Consultant.

Step 5: Develop and implement your AIMS

Your Authenticity and Identity Management System (AIMS) is foundational to documenting your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and preventive controls.  If you need help developing your AIMS please contact on of our certified consultants by clicking here.

Step 6: Select a licensed certification body

Select a CAPS approved certification body from this list to conduct the CAPS-Basic or CAPS-Advanced onsite audit.

Step 7: The audit process

Select an audit option (standalone, combined, or unannounced combinations) and schedule your CAPS certification audit with your nominated certification body.  The certification body will indicate an approximate duration in the audit plan.

Step 8: Certification

Once your site has been deemed to comply with the CAPS requirements and all site nonconformities are closed, you will receive a 'Certificate of Recognition'. Your site details will be added to the Purity-IQ CAPS register. Your certificate will be valid for one year.

To maintain CAPS certification, ongoing surveillance audits are required.

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