CAPS Licensed Laboratories

The commercial laboratories listed below are licensed under Purity-IQ to support brand owners seeking product certification in the Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS) and are licensed analytical testers of cannabis.

Clip Labs

Contact: Austin Paulus
Address 504-5945 Pacific Center Blvd., San Diego CA 92121 USA Phone: +1 (619) 866 2019 Cell: +1 (858) 381 348 Website:

High North Inc.

Contact: Client Care
Address Unit 7, 241 Hanlan Road Vaughn ON L4L 3R7 CANADA Phone: +1 (416) 864.6119 Website:

Wyndham Forensic Group Inc

Contact: Benoit Beaudoin
Address 128 Woolwich Street Suite 204 Guelph ON N1H 3V2 CANADA Phone: (519) 822-9344 Website:

Laboratories who are licensed analytical testers of Cannabis wishing to provide testing services in support of the CAPS program should contact:

Purity-IQ Inc
Contact: John Snow, Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 1 (437) 925 9149

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