Accreditation Bodies

ANAB ANSI National Accreditation Board

ANAB ANSI National Accreditation Board
925-330 E. Kilbourn Avenue,
Milwaukee, WI 53202 USA
Contact: Roger Muse, V.P Business Development
1 (414) 501 5494

Standards Council of Canada

Standards Council of Canada
600-55 Metcalfe Street,
Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5 Canada
Contact: Jesse Arndt, Sector Specialist Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
1 (613) 238 3222 EXT 310


AOAC International
2275 Research Blvd, Suite 300
Rockville, MD 20850
Contact: Lauren C. Chelf
Director, Meetings & Expositions
phone: 240-801-8672
fax: 301-924-7089

Associations & NGO's

Association of Medical Cannabis

Association of Medical Cannabis
17 Hristo Smirenski,
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Contact: Kosta Dukovski, Executive Director
+389 70275727

Cannabis Council of Canada

Cannabis Council of Canada
111 Albert Street, P.O. Box 81071,
Ottawa, ON K1P 1B1 Canada
Contact: George Smitherman, President & CEO

Columbian Medical Association of Medicinal Cannabis

Columbian Medical Association of Medicinal Cannabis
Diagonal 75 B N. 2A 80, of 406 Torre Médica Las Américas,
Medellín, Columbia
Contact: Dr. Sandra Carrillo, President
+57 314 594 5413

Foundation of Cannabis United Standards

Foundation of Cannabis United Standards
269-400 N. Scottsdale Road,
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA
Contact: Lezli Engelking, Founder
1 (602) 791-5312

Certification Bodies

SGS Canada Inc.

SGS Canada Inc.
Ground Floor - West Wing
5825 Explorer Dr,
Mississauga, ON L4W 5P6 Canada
+1 (905) 364 3771

Service Providers

Gold Leaf Ltd., Skopje

Gold Leaf Ltd., Skopje
17 Hristo Smirenenski,
Skopie, Center, North Macedonia
Contact: Kostadin Dukovski, Founder/Owner
+389 70275727

Gold Leaf Standard Ltd., Canada

Gold Leaf Standard Ltd., Canada
1061 John Crescent,
Victoria, BC V8S 3L3 Canada
Contact: Stephanie Willmott
+1 250 508 5455

Klair Total Quality Management Solutions

Klair Total Quality Management Solutions
Brampton, ON Canada
Contact: Ranjeet Klair President

Triumph Food Safety Consulting

Triumph Food Safety Consulting
407-2178 Triumph Street
Vancouver, B.C. V5L 1K9
Contact: Gerald Kok, President
+1 (778) 709-1122

Qualium Consulting

Qualium Consulting
Contact: Anuraga Mandava
+1 (204) 396-7772


NHP Research Alliance

NHP Research Alliance
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East, BIO
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1
Contact: Dr. Steven G. Newmaster, Director
1 (519) 993 8467


504-5945 Pacific Center Blvd.,
San Diego, CA 92121
Contact: Austin Paulus, Account Executive
Work: +1 (619) 866 2019
+1 (858) 381 3483

High North Inc.

High North Inc.
241 Hanlan Rd Unit 7,
Vaughn, ON L4L 3R7 CANADA
Contact: Rick Moriarity, CIO/COO
1 (416) 629 2667


Bruker Ltd

Bruker Ltd
2800 High Point Dr,
Milton, ON L9T 6P4 Canada
Contact: Henry Stronks, President
1 (905) 876-4641

For over 60 years and with over 6000 employees, Bruker Corporation has been enabling scientists around the globe to develop new applications that improve human life.  Using proven NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance applications in the wine and honey industries, Purity-IQ is proud to be strategically partnered with Bruker to develop the gold standard for the identity, authenticity, purity and consistent production of cannabis and hemp, from seed to sale. 

Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc

Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc.
Unit 121, 355 Elmira Road North,
Guelph, ON, N1K 1S5, Canada
Contact: Bob Gilson, CEO
1 (416) 807-7865

Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc., (CASi) helps growers create optimal growing environments with the most flexible and powerful hardware and software platform for cannabis and other high value crops. With a precise growing environment, growers and researchers can optimize their genetics. With the CASiGrow system, growers can rapidly experiment and then later recreate the ideal lighting, climatic and nutrient conditions for a particular strain, or desired chemo typical outcome. CASi grow chambers will help develop important medicines and consumer products. It’s a way to reduce costs and ensure quality of produce for generations to come.

Global Cannabis Applications Corp.

Global Cannabis Applications Corp.
PO Box 43, Suite 830
1100 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 4A6 Canada
Contact: Brad Moore, CEO
1 (800) 409-5679

Efixii helps cultivators and manufacturers meet and exceed the most stringent global medical cannabis regulations. Through an easy to use mobile app, cultivators can harnesses the power of a Blockchain by securely providing self-declared registration of all the steps, including third-party certifications involved in cultivation, testing, distribution and sales of their products. Efixii gives medical cannabis growers the tools they need to get their products to market seamlessly, safely and build trust with everyone who uses them.

For more information contact

Lighthouse Genomics

Lighthouse Genomics Inc,
#2-988 N End Rd.,
20th Floor, 250 Howe Street,
Vancouver, BC V6C 3R8, Canada
Contact: Tim Harvey, CEO
1 (250) 538-8908

Purity-IQ has partnered with Canadian based Lighthouse Genomics as a leader in providing genetic insights and promoting integrity within the natural product supply chain. Committed to the highest scientific standards, Purity-IQ and Lighthouse Genomics in collaboration with Neogen Corporation have developed the innovative 40,000 snip chip, being used as the technology to identify, register and protect genetic assets as intellectual property. Locking them down with the industry’s highest level of protection, for the lowest cost is monumental for the mature cannabis industry. The lighthouse “IRIS” forms the genomic profile associated with cannabis and hemp cultivars and is part of the value-add included in the Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS), for certification. 


Nessis Inc.
Contact: Kathleen Niles, Founder

Nessis is a well-established software company providing affordable tools needed to automatically implement your authenticity management system needs and transform complex knowledge into task level, operational understanding. The Nessis platform is built on proven methods utilizing the plan-do-check-act method of making continuous improvements to people, processes and products. Implementation using this approach continues to deliver fast and long-lasting results, driving out waste while also promoting efficiencies, across any industry.

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